I don't need feminism

but I do need puppies
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Anonymous asked: Hi, i have my 2 yr old dog who's going to get spayed tom and im getting worried. Will her behavior drastically change and Will she still health issues afterwards? Am i able to do something for her after the surgery if she'd be in a lot of pain? Could she die from it?? Im rly sorry that im coming off as a spaz rn but i think Im going to have a panic attack over this

Talk to your vet!!!

I’ve never had a pet when they got spayed- my family has always adopted rescues over 1 year old and already spayed.  I have no idea what the recovery is like or anything. 

However- remember - practically every dog and cat in the country has this procedure.  And they’re all fine!!

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Anonymous asked: What do you mean being gay doesn't change who you are?


I don’t think your sexuality changes the core of your being.  Simple as that.  If tomorrow I ‘turned straight’ I’d be the same person I am today, just that I’m straight.  Being gay is simply another filter your life goes through, experiences you have, and in that regard being gay is no different than which high school you went to.  Sure, they impact you, but then you get into the concept that ‘humans are nothing more than the sum total of their experiences’, which pretty much destroys any concept of ‘sense of self’.

In regards to video games, this is important.  I advocate for the “everyone is bisexual to the player” concept.  Having a gay male character may hamper female players from being with them, effectively locking them off from other content.  You saw this in ME2 where there were no male gay options.

People will argue that it reduces gay and lesbian presence in video games.  But they’re grossly oversimplifying.  Characters whose sexuality has no impact on the player can be gay, straight or bisexual.  These people also seem to forget that in regards to romance, this helps gay players too.  Having the option to choose your gay option is infinitely better than having the token ‘gay option’.  Lots of lesbian or bi women were wanting to romance Tali or Ashley but couldn’t.  Being ‘stuck’ with Liara kinda sucked.

And note that this, again, doesn’t apply to characters who don’t impact the character at all with their sexuality.  Using Mass Effect again, Kasumi isn’t able to be romanced by either Shepard.  And while some players may want that option, it doesn’t feel like a restriction based on the player’s choice of gender at the start of the game.  It isn’t ‘locking out’ a player based purely on which avatar they felt more comfortable playing.

Yep. Sims does this the best. A Sim will be either gay, straight, or bi depending on who you have them perform romantic interactions with.

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So Snookie is pregnant again.



Direct quote talking about her baby:

"I’m disappointed that I’m having a boy."

Well, cunt, I’m sure your baby is sad that he has a dumb fucking useless twat like you is his mom.



Is there something wrong with a parent hoping for…

…yeah? Moms have feelings. Moms hope for certain things and want certain things and are disappointed when they don’t get them. It’s almost as if they’re… human!

My mom didn’t want a boy. She wanted a baby girl so bad when she was pregnant with me. My aunt bought her a little pin that said “I ❤️ boys,” and bunches of Calvin & Hobbes books, to convince her that having a boy would be okay too.

Of course, I turned out to be a girl, but by the time she found that out, Mom would’ve been okay with either. But when she had my brother later, Mom loved him just as much. Boys and girls are different and both are fun. And of course, once you have the kid, you fall in love with their personality, not their gender.

But yeah, how dare she express a preference…?

Really, that’s a lot of rage for a very common sentiment for no reason.