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If you have a penis, I so don’t care what your opinions on rape are; males are the ones that rape, and have always been the ones rapeing. Your opinions on rape are cute at best, and infuriating at worst. It is time to let the females speak on this…

I’m sorry he was sexually assaulted too, but I’m going to guess his assailant was a male (just a hunch) and this ties us right back into MALE violence.

When men talk about being sexually assaulted, okay that’s fine and all, you’re drawing attention to the issue, but why should people care about sexual assault when it affects men?

It’s been affecting overwhelmingly females for centuries and in present day the majority of survivors are women and children.

If anti sexual assault and rape eradication/justice is your thing dude, then cool. Go with it. Heal yourself and heal others. But please don’t become a perpetrator yourself

and also try to keep focus when a majority (in this case females) need space to talk and be angry because in the case of myself, and many other women, we are often sexually assaulted not just once in our lives, but multiple times, and often by different people.

So please.


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    I love how you took a post where someone was telling a male rape victim that their experience and opinions don’t matter,...
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    I declare myself a feminist, and while the gender of the rapist is generally male, there’s no denying that male victims...
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    saying that men do the raping, but not being interested in their opinion is a bit like saying that women are the ones...
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    While I was sexually assaulted by a male, I’m fully aware of the fact that women can rape just as easily as men can....
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